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The Ending of a Love Affair and the Start of a New One

Updated: Jan 31, 2020

On 6th August 2018, Fil announced his retirement from football due to injury. Those that know Fil or have watched him play, are aware of his huge passion and love for the beautiful game. It's something he has dedicated his whole life to, a love affair that has made him laugh and cry. Though nothing will replace the feeling of stepping over the white line onto the pitch, Fil has a new focus.

Fil has worked as a motivational speaker for a number of years now alongside his football. Having lived his childhood dream, he is passionate in inspiring and motivating others to do the same. Fil's incredible story, sporting career and life experiences form the basis for a number of keynote speeches that will move and motivate you to go after the passions in your heart. Tailored speeches, workshops and mentoring packages are all available. If you are interested in booking Fil for an event or working with him, whether it be speaking, workshops or mentoring then please get in contact by clicking HERE.

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