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Fil's vision is to inspire and motivate individuals and teams to find the courage and dedication to pursue their life passions.

Fil has spoken around the country delivering high energy, motivating and captivating speeches and workshops to thousands. He shares stories of his life as a deaf person, his career as an international footballer and the many challenges he has overcome to be standing where he is today.

Having worked with professional sports teams, corporate clients, universities and schools, Kamps tailors his speeches and workshops to achieve the desired outcome of his clients. His relatable and personable nature allows Fil to connect with audiences quickly, delivering an impactful message and leave words to be thought about, long after the event has finished.

Though Fil has spoken to audiences of different ages, backgrounds and cultures, he believes we're not all that different. We all have a dream within us, something we aspire to be; whether it be a dream job, financial freedom, a family, an accomplisment or just the type of person you want to be. We all have this dream and yet so very few of us live it out, through his words and actions, Fil can help you to be one of the few rather than one of the many.

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